Minds On

Activities with friends and family

What do you like to do with your family and friends?

Explore the following two videos about families.

This is my family - Kate and Zachary

Zoe - My two families

What did you learn from these videos? How might someone else learn something different from these videos?

Now explore this video: Yousaf and his family

After examining the video, reflect on how every family is different and how that is OKAY! Think back to how our differences are what make us unique. Even though our families can look different, they all have similarities. Love, kindness, and caring can be seen in different types of families.

Image of a showing words associated to family


Recalling memories

Apply what you learned in the Minds On section and choose four different memories to reflect upon.

Student Success


Think about family memories, fun experiences with friends, or something that you would like to do with either group.

Record a memory or a story idea. You can use the Planning Sheet below or another method of your choice to record your ideas.

Planning Sheet
Memory Description Rough Drawing
Example: Baking with my mom I like to bake cookies with my mom

Planning Sheet Press the ‘Activity’ button to access the Planning Sheet. Activity (Open PDF in a new window)

Note to teachers: See your teacher guide for collaboration tools, ideas and suggestions.


Telling my story

Put it together

Choose your favourite memory or story idea from your organizer or notes. Now is your chance to share the whole memory or story! Create three pictures that describe your memory or your story and put them in order.


How do you feel about what you have learned in this activity?  Which of the next four sentences best matches how you are feeling about your learning? Press the button that is beside this sentence.

I feel...

Now, record your ideas about your feelings using a voice recorder, speech-to-text, or writing tool.