Minds On

Notice and wonder

Explore the image below. What do you notice?

What is the name of this type of text? If possible, share your thoughts with a partner.

PSA poster with text that reads “Please wash your hands”


Public service announcement (PSA)

In the Minds On, you explored a public service announcement poster about handwashing.

A public service announcement (PSA) is a message that is shared with the public. It usually gives reminders about being safe or being helpful to others, animals, or our environment. The purpose of a PSA is to make more people know about an issue or help change their mind on an issue.

PSA poster with text that reads “Please wash your hands”

For example, the PSA about handwashing reminds us to wash our hands. Another PSA about handwashing might give us the steps we need to wash our hands properly.

Public Service Announcements:

  • create interest by using strong pictures and images
  • hook the viewer with short phrases and catchy titles
  • can be printed, digital, video, or audio
  • if the PSA is in an audio or video format, it might include sound effects, and music

Explore the following TVOK News video entitled “Recycling 101” to learn how to recycle properly.

Task 1: Creating a public service announcement (PSA)

Create a public service announcement (PSA) about recycling using the information you learned in the video. You may choose to focus on one idea or a few different ideas on how to recycle properly. You may also use other facts and/or your own ideas. Your PSA can take the form of a printed poster, audio recording, or video.

Some ideas about recycling from the video:

  • empty and rinse out all of your containers
  • make sure that you use garbage bags in garbage containers
  • check your local waste removal websites to understand which materials are recyclable and not recyclable

Task 2: Analyzing a PSA

Examine the PSA below. What kind of information is being shared?

Image title: PSA poster for song usage

Poster title: Can I use a song that is copyrighted in my video?

Yes column: if you are using the video for educational reasons AND you are not going to share the video publicly AND if it is for personal use.

No column: if you are going to put the video on a website, social media, YouTube or a public blog OR if you are going to share the video at a public gathering.

Question: Are you being ethical and responsible as a digital citizen?

What are some of the features used in the PSA (e.g. words, visuals, sound effects etc.)?

Is the information clear and easy to understand?

How could you change the PSA to make it more appealing?


Review your learning

Students working at desks in a classroom

Take a moment to review your learning.

Examine the following question and select the correct answer.


How do you feel about what you have learned in this activity?  Which of the next four sentences best matches how you are feeling about your learning? Press the button that is beside this sentence.

I feel...

Now, record your ideas about your feelings using a voice recorder, speech-to-text, or writing tool.