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Sledge hockey

Explore this video where Alex introduces us to sledge hockey.

Student Success


Alex shared some interesting points about sledge hockey.

  • Of the points that Alex shared, what information was new to you?
  • How did Alex share his information about sledge hockey? Did he only use words?

Record your ideas using a voice recorder, speech-to-text, or writing tool.

Note to teachers: See your teacher guide for collaboration tools, ideas and suggestions.


Communicating with others

We know that Alex enjoys playing sledge hockey. He shared that it is his favourite winter sport.

Did you notice how Alex shared information about the equipment used and his favourite parts of the sport?

Press ‘Hint’ to reveal the answer to this question.

  • He was on the ice showing how the equipment works.
  • He took a shot with the puck.
  • He showed how to use the sticks.
  • He sat on a sledge on the ice.
  • He showed how to move around the ice using picks.



What is your favourite sport, activity, or game you play in your free time? Why do you enjoy it?

How can you share this information with others?

Who do you want to share your information with?

When you share, you want to include these reasons for sharing:

When you share your information, use words that will help you describe your sport, activity, or game so you will hold your audience’s attention!

Using words to describe things

Alex used words that helped him describe sledge hockey.

Explore the following video, “Adjectives and Adverbs,” to learn more about describing words.

Create a list of words that you can use to describe your sport, game, or activity. Record your list using a method of your choice.

Be ready to share your list and prepare to create your presentation!


It’s time to share!

Are you ready to share your sport, activity, or game with your audience? Here are the steps that you need to take in order to communicate successfully.

  • you chose a partner, small group, or large group as your audience
  • you learned the two points you will share:
    • why you enjoy this sport, activity, or game
    • information about it
  • you have a list of describing words that you will use

Now it is time to put it all together! Practice what you want to share with your audience. When you are ready, you can:

  • present to your audience out loud
  • create a video of yourself sharing this information, then share this with your audience


How do you feel about what you have learned in this activity? Which of the next four sentences best matches how you are feeling about your learning? Press the button that is beside this sentence.

I feel…

Now, record your ideas about your feelings using a voice recorder, speech-to-text, or writing tool.