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What makes movies enjoyable?


The things you like about movies

Consider how you decide what movies, shows, or video games are enjoyable. What are some of the things you consider when deciding what to choose to watch or play? This might include genre, cast, reviews, rating, or personal interest.

Complete Brainstorming Chart in your notebook or using the following fillable and printable document.

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Purpose of a movie review

Use the P.I.E. model (P-persuade, I-inform, E-entertain) to explain what you think the purpose(s) of a movie review might be. Could a review have more than one purpose?

Exploring movie reviews

Select a book, audiobook, or movie. Then, use the Internet to find two reviews for your selected text.

As you explore, think about the reviewer’s point of view and the features of a review. Use the following questions to guide your thinking:

  • How do the reviewers feel about the book/audiobook/movie?
  • How do you know?

Use “clues” or information and details in the review to explain your thinking.

Record the reviewer's point of view (how they feel about the book/audiobook/movie) and details from the review (why do they feel this way?) by completing the Point of View in your notebook or using the following fillable and printable document. You may also use another method of your choice.

Point of View
1st author’s point of view Details from the text

2nd author’s point of view Details from the text

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Student Success


After you have explored two different reviews on the same book/audiobook/movie, if possible, share your observations with a partner.

  • How are the two reviews that you explored similar? How are they different?
  • Why is it possible for two people to respond differently to the same book/audiobook/movie?

Note to teachers: See your teacher guide for collaboration tools, ideas and suggestions.


Sharing your point of view

It's your turn! Create a review for a book/audiobook/movie of your choice. Include your point of view as well as details to support your point of view.

Complete the Review Outline in your notebook or using the following fillable and printable document. You may also use another method of your choice.

Review Outline
I am reviewing a:
Book Audiobook Movie
Provide a brief summary of the important events that occurred:

What is your overall opinion or point of view of the book/ audiobook/movie?

Support your opinion/point of view using details from the text
Provide some extra details: Did you have a favourite part? Would you recommend this text to someone else? Why or why not? Provide reasons to support your opinion.

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Use the following checklist to assess your review.

Point of View Checklist

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As you read through these descriptions, which sentence best describes how you are feeling about your understanding of this learning activity? Press the button that is beside this sentence.

I feel...

Now, record your ideas using a voice recorder, speech-to-text, or writing tool.

Press ‘Discover More’ to extend your skills.

Use the Internet to find a review about the book/audiobook/movie that you reviewed in the Consolidation section. Compare and contrast your review with the review you found. What are the similarities and differences between your perspective and that of the other reviewer? Did you make similar/different comments? Why do you think that is?