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What is a newspaper article?

Interesting things are happening all around us – in our homes, communities, provinces, countries, and even outside our very own planet! Think of something interesting that you have read recently.

News travels fast, even when those interesting things are not happening right next to us. Let’s take a minute to think about how news travels.

In this learning activity, you will have an opportunity to be a journalist and create your very own news article. You might choose to report on something that is actually happening, or you may decide to write an article on an event that you have created in your mind.

Before we get started, let’s observe the characteristics that are unique to a newspaper article.

Characteristics of a newspaper article

Characteristics of a newspaper

Now let’s examine this sample article and try to identify all of the different characteristics.

Goals of a good newspaper article

An effective newspaper article has the following goals:

A careful journalist will only write about things that they believe are true.

Facts are always right and can be proven by doing research.

News articles do not reflect a journalist’s personal opinion.

News articles are of interest to the public.

The main goal of a newspaper article is not to entertain, although many people enjoy reading the news.


Brainstorming and planning

Now that we have reviewed the characteristics and goals of a newspaper article, let’s think about some events or topics that would be interesting to report on.



Use the Brainstorming Web in your notebook or use the following fillable and printable document to write down the people, activities or issues that you may want to draft a news article about.

Brainstorm web Press the ‘Activity’ button to access the Brainstorming Web. Activity (Open PDF in a new window)

Getting organized

Once you have selected the event or topic that is of most interest to you, you are ready to begin planning your article. Remember to "hook" the audience with a catchy headline. Think about an image that could be included to capture the reader's attention and make them want to read the article. You also want to make sure the image connects with your headline!

Use the Newspaper Article Planner your notebook or use the following fillable and printable document to organize your ideas.

Newspaper article planner Press the ‘Activity’ button to access the Newspaper Article Planner. Activity (Open PDF in a new window)


Drafting, revising, and publishing

Now that you have made a plan, you are ready to begin drafting your newspaper article! As you write, you may come up with other ideas to make your article even more interesting. The drafting stage is a great time to add those details. Use the Newspaper Article Template in your notebook or use the following fillable document and printable to complete your draft.

Newspaper article template Press the ‘Activity’ button to access the Newspaper Article Template. Activity (Open PDF in a new window)

Self and peer-editing

Writers read their writing over and over to make their writing even stronger. If you have completed your draft, it is time to find opportunities to make your writing even stronger. Are there places where you can add a quote from a reliable source? Did you make sure to check your facts? Did you add a supportive photo with a caption? Once you have completed your self-edit, if possible find a fellow journalist and have them help you with a peer edit. Use the Editing Checklist in your notebook or use the following fillable and printable document to review your work. 

Editing checklists Press the ‘Activity’ button to access the Editing Checklist. Activity (Open PDF in a new window)

Publishing your article

What a lot of work you have put into your writing! You are now ready to publish your work. Use the drafting template to copy your newspaper article, using your very best handwriting, with all the revisions for a final draft. Do you prefer typing your article on a computer?

Even at this stage, you may still come up with an additional fact or detail. It’s not too late to add those in. In fact, every time you reread your work, you may find another place to make it even better – that is what good writers do!

With all of your heavy lifting behind you, you are ready to spread the news! Extra, extra, read all about it!


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