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Access the following episode of TVOK News. In this segment, you’ll learn about the importance of saving money in a bank account.


  • Why is it important to save money?
  • What are you saving your money for?


Task 1

Two people have saved some money. Person #1 has saved three $10 bills, one $20 bill, three $5 bills and ten quarters. Person #2 has saved four $20 bills, one dime and twenty nickels. Who has saved more money?

Show your thinking using pictures of money, numbers or words.

A nickle, 5 cents, a dime, 10 cents, and a quareter, 25 cents $5 Canadian Bill $10 Canadian Bill $20 Canadian Bill

Task 2

A store owner has set a goal to save $10 every week. They want to save enough to buy a new sign for their store that costs $70. How long will it take for the store owner to reach their savings goal?

Show your thinking using pictures, numbers or words.


Think and reflect

A traveler just arrived in a new city and needs to buy groceries for the week and has a budget of $20 to spend. Using the following list, think about which items the traveller should buy.

The traveller needs one carton of eggs, a loaf of bread, five mangoes, and a carton of milk. Does the traveller have enough money? Would the traveller have any money left over to buy some of the foods that are not on their list?


How do you feel about what you have learned in this activity?  Which of the next four sentences best matches how you are feeling about your learning? Press the button that is beside this sentence.

I feel...

Now, record your ideas about your feelings using a voice recorder, speech-to-text, or writing tool.

Press ‘Discover More’ to extend your skills.

Make a list of a few of your favourite things.

For example:

  • toys
  • video games

Research the cost of these items. About how much do they cost?

How could you save for one of these items?

Check out this video

Let’s explore a video together. Access the following episode of Tumbletown Tales titled & “Saving vs. borrowing”. In this video, Tumbleweed the hamster learns about credit cards and the importance of saving his money.