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Equal portions

Have you ever shared a cookie with another person before? Or between a group of 4 people? How did you divide the cookie into pieces? How did you make sure the pieces are of equal size?

Check out the episode “It’s Not Easy Being Chill” from Odd Squad: Mobile Unit.

From the episode “It’s Not Easy Being Chill,” we learned that splitting the cookies into equal pieces can be done by using fractions.


Feeding time!

Agent Omar is taking care of 2 creatures. Each creature needs to be fed one half of a cookie when the timer goes off. Help Omar figure out how to feed the creatures.

agent Omar Image
cookie jars labelled 1, 1 ∕ 2, and 1 ∕ 4
cookie eating creature

Student Success


Feeding time!

You only have one whole cookie. How can Agent Omar divide the cookie so that each creature gets their fair share of the whole cookie?

  1. How did you divide the cookie into equal shares for each creature?
  2. How many half pieces of a cookie make one whole cookie?

This time, you only have one-quarter pieces of cookie. How many pieces will each creature get when the timer goes off? Show your thinking using pictures and words or real cookie pieces.

  1. How many one quarter pieces did you feed to each creature?
  2. How many one quarter pieces are in a half of a cookie?
  3. Can you show your thinking using a real cookie, pattern blocks or a drawing?

Note to teachers: See your teacher guide for collaboration tools, ideas and suggestions.


Fair share

We know that one half and two fourths of the same whole cookie are equal. When sharing cookies, two one quarter of the same cookie is equal to one half of the same cookie. Remember when sharing cookies that half pieces of a cookie need to be the same size in order for it to be fair sharing. If you cut the cookie into one-quarter pieces, then each of the one-quarter pieces needs to be same size as well in order for the sharing to be fair.

cookie jars labelled 1, 1 ∕ 2, and 1 ∕ 4

Test Your Skills

Feed the creature!

The creature is fully grown and needs to be fed one whole cookie every time the timer goes off! Agent Omar only has half cookie pieces and quarter cookie pieces. How will he feed the creature? Use real cookies, pattern blocks or pictures with proportional parts to show your thinking.


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The Odd Squad agents care for all sorts of strange creatures. In the following game, "Creature Duty" you will practice identifying and sorting shapes, and fair shares to help the Odd Squad care for the creatures.